Our Collaborators & Partnerships

The Livestock, Livelihoods and Health programme is pleased to work with many collaborators who although not official partners of the programme nonetheless contribute to its success.


The University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Together with the Cumming School of Medicine, this has a long-term relationship with Tanzanian partners in research and education. The two institutions share expertise in brucellosis research executed in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Northern Tanzania with the ZELS-funded LLH brucellosis research project.



ifakaraIfakara Health Institute, Tanzania.





The Leverhulme-Royal Society Africa Award. The overall aim of this capacity-building project and associated PhD project is to establish molecular diagnostic and typing tools for several zoonotic pathogens that cause febrile illness in northern Tanzania. This project links to the LLH projects by building core diagnostic capacity in Tanzania and generating data on pathogen presence and prevalence in animal and human hosts. Pathogens of interest in this study include Coxiella, Rickettsia and Bartonella. 


The Royal Veterinary College, University of London






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